After playing Half life 2  Deathmatch for some time I decided to see if I could make a custom map myself.
At first this was only as a test, to see if I could pull it off, but soon It got way more serious.
I picked a "easy" multiplayer map called Leadworks from a older multiplayer game to rebuild  in hammer.
This older game (2001) is called Aliens versus Predator 2, some of you might still remember that one.
The original map was build with the level editor DEdit, that I also used to make maps back then.
I was lucky enough they included the leadworks map for reference in the DEdit sample maps.

The first thing I discovered was that the original map was 1/3 scale to big compared to the hammer grid.
This resulted into needing to re-calculating the dimensions of, well everything.
This, I discovered while being half way the map so I was kind of back to 0.

Luckily enough the hammer editor is very popular and there a plenty online tutorials available these days.
A big name in this area is a guy named "3kliksphilip" with a whole list of tutorials on his forum.
Another guy who helped me alot with optimizing the map is a guy named Zeph, thx for your time in this one.
Last but not least i'd like to thank my good ol bud Shockwolf for running my map on his server for testing, thx!

Finally, some numbers:

mapper:  xenomorph
start date:  20-11-2009
end date:  28-05-2010
hours mapped:  375
hours tested:  50

All curious? proceed to the download area: